Monday, December 06, 2010

December 4th Recap

Wow, did we have fun or what? Saturday turned out to be a lovely sunny day, and we were thrilled to pack 500+ of our favorite people into the old Jay Etkin Gallery.

The kids helped us decorate the windows...


We set up a movie on the Mezzanine...


Had a craft station ready to go...


And we had lots of Central BBQ, snacks from Whole Foods, pizza from the Majestic Grille, and snacks from our guests. Best of all, we had the best trash/recycle system ever, thanks to Madeleine Edwards, who works with Project Green Fork. We still need to work on the reading skills of some of our trash producers, but we're getting there!


For the first time in a long while, we had a DJ on hand. DJ Lady Problems, who you may better know from the I Love Memphis Blog, kept us from having a single second of dead air.


At about 2:15 Gasoline Grace hit the stage. I had never heard them before, and was thrilled to discover that they were awesome!


They even had the toddlers on their feet ready to rock!


Next up, we had the much anticipated Luv Clowns. They were in full costume and character and really, really gave it 100%. It was just fantastic--for both parents and kids. I highly recommend getting a copy of their CD! (They'll be at the Brooks this Thursday at 6pm.)


We ended the day with some Woogie Board action, thanks to Cody Dickinson.


Had I known it was going to be so funky, I would have insisted on turning down the lights and installing a disco ball. We weren't prepared! If there was ever a moment for everyone to shake their things, this was it.

Cody also brought along some washboards for the kids to play with. They loved it!


Thanks to everyone who pitched in and made the show a success! A special thanks to those who stayed behind and helped us clean up 3+ hours of window decorating!


We've had a fantastic season and in true non-profit fashion, we have no profit. We are planning to start the 2011 season in March and expect it to be bigger and better than ever, but first we need some help from you, our loyal Rock-n-Rompers! We'd really rather not have to raise our suggested donation at the door if we can help it, so we're asking 111 of you (or more) to give $11 (or more) to the 2011 season fund. By clicking the PayPal button at the top right of this blog, you could have it done in less than a minute! Then we'll be prepared to move ahead and give you and yours another year of great, family-friendly music. 100% of our funds go directly into our shows.


Photos in this post by official Rock-n-Romp photographer, Chip Chockley. See the full set here. And add yours to our Flickr pool.

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