Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 17 RnR Recap

We couldn't have asked for worse weather on June 17th, but we did not let the rain stop us from having a good time. (Well we did officially call off the event several times among ourselves but no one ever left!)

Although we didn't get the huge turnout that we were expecting, we did learn who was hard core about RnR and who wasn't! The kids for the most part were not phased in the slightest by the rain. In fact, I believe it made it even more fun for them--I mean how often do you get to just run around in the middle of a rainstorm? And thanks to the World Cup game and an already tapped keg, most of the band members had a relaxing afternoon in the Butlers' livingroom. I considered this event practice for my boys' future forays to Memphis in May where mud is par for the course.

As of now, our next event is scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd, so mark your calendars now! And remember, rain won't stop us from having a good time! We will try to give you plenty of notice and send reminders as we get closer. Our line-up as of now includes Cory Branan, Native Son, the band formerly known as Walkie Talkie, and DJ Key Lime. If you'd like to get on the guestlist shoot an email to

Here's a few pictures from June 17th.

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Holly Cole was a really good sport and totally just hung out and waited for the rain to stop. However, a very emotional Robby Grant couldn't hide his tears of disappointment when the rain came down. The kids, oblivious to the adults' disappointment, ran about as though it was the best party ever. Most of the veterans from the first RnR started demanding tattoos, and Shiloh was happy to oblige.

Just when we'd pretty much called the whole thing off, a funny thing happened: People started showing up! Look! It's Kate Crowder from the band formerly known as Walkie Talkie) and her son Oliver! Once we had a nice little crowd, it only took Holly Cole about 5 seconds to strap on her guitar and start singing.

Then the kids wasted no time breaking in our new banging wall! The highlight of the afternoon, was Vending Machine's awesome set in which every song was dedicated to the kids.

We had a solid two hours of fun before the rain came back.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rain or Shine Baby!

The bands are set up, the keg is chillin...come on over! We may get wet and muddy, but we'll still be rockin and rompin!

Monday, June 05, 2006

FAQs for People without Kids

Do I really have to have a kid to come to Rock-n-Romp?

Yes, and no.

The shows are designed specifically for parents who do not get to go out and hear live music as much as they did before having kids.

However, if you do not have a kid of your own, you can borrow one from a friend or family member. Go ahead, be the cool aunt or uncle!

If you can't borrow a kid, then why not volunteer? We can always use a little extra help and we'll even let you drink beer on the job! Email if you are interested in helping out.