Thursday, November 17, 2011

December 3rd Rock-n-Romp!

Join us for the last Rock-n-Romp of the year! We are returning to our downtown digs with the cozy family bathrooms :)

We will have our usual free beer, Central BBQ, and snacks from Whole Foods; three awesome bands; and a craft/movie area for the kids. All for a $5 donation per adult! (Children are free. Adults must be accompanied by children.)

AND we are very excited to announce our first ever Rock-n-Romp photo exhibit! Chip Chockley will have the best of the best of his pictures for you to admire and/or purchase! All proceeds will go to Rock-n-Romp!

Remember the St. Jude marathon is the same day, so traffic may be a little backed up. Try heading downtown via Crump to avoid the blocked off streets! There is plenty of on-street parking and nearby lots on South Main.

There is no holiday parade this year, but the Downtown Memphis Commission has plenty for you to do after the show. There will be carolers on the trolleys and lots of pretty lights in Court Square!

Come on out!

Monday, November 07, 2011

November 5th Recap

The weather was absolutely perfect for last Saturday's Romp-- low 70s and sunny. This was RnR's 3rd time at the Levitt Shell, and we always have a great time there.

Arma Secreta played a show for us back when we still fit in backyards-- the 2007 season. This time around, they rocked even harder. They wowed the crowd with their mathematical precision, awesome changes, and memorable riffs.

Next up was the EPIC performance by the Wuvbirds. This is the new band which includes two RnR board members, Kate and Corey Crowder. This was a feast for the eyes and ears, featuring dance performances by 40 kids, costume changes, and props. This band was loads of fun, and Kate especially deserves a hand for organizing and directing the kids, in addition to her normal role of making sweet music.

This lady was simply stunned at the amount of fun happening onstage:

We also had a cool craft table for the kids to make their own Wuvbirds. Thanks to Melissa Farris for making this happen.

Last up was Rising Star Fife & Drum Band, which impressed us all with the simple instrumentation of a bass drum, snare, and a fife (which is a type of flute).

What a fun show!  Thanks to the Shell and to everybody who came out-- you guys never let us down!  Also, special thanks to our volunteers, who really make it happen:  Mary Cashiola, Elizabeth Cawein, Colleen Couch-Smith, Allen Elliotte, Anna Ellis, Melissa Farris, Fred & Cathy Freres, Monika Haynes, Allison Hennie, Corrine Hutchison, Grace Korzekwa, Jenifer Meeks, Anna Mullins, William Pearson, and Joanna & Talyon Swan.  Thanks as always to Central BBQ for their continued support, and to Trolley Stop Market for the delicious pizza.

Check out a slideshow of the photos by RnR photographer Chip Chockley by clicking here.  Feel free to add your own pics to the RnR Flickr pool here.

Next up we've got an awesome downtown holiday show on December 3rd, more details to come.  See you there!