Friday, May 27, 2011

Who We Are

2011 board members include Stacey Greenberg, Chip Chockley, Marvin Stockwell, Kate & Corey Crowder, Caleb Sweazy, Launa Morris, and Aimee Lewis.

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 21st Recap

After several days of fretting about rain and making backup indoor plans, Ma Nature busted out with a gorgeous day for a Rock-n-Romp. Fisher Gardens at Rhodes College was a wonderful venue for us-- a big built-in stage, lots of space, lots of shade, lots of grass.

First up was Lila-- an awesome jazz combo fronted by the inimitable Lila Hood on electric violin.


Lila brought along her class of string students to do a couple numbers too, which was fun:


Next up was Billy Worley and the Candy Company, generating a whole lotta rock from just two dudes:




Awesome taste in headgear and facial hair on those guys. Their candy tosses from the stage were really popular.

Last up was The City Champs, who impressed everyone with solid jazzy grooves. These guys are incredible musicians, but they play with all kinds of tasteful restraint.



We had Jamie Harmon and his slick Amurica photo booth, which was a big hit with kids and adults alike.  We crammed the whole RnR board into that thing for a pic-- we'll share that on the blog soon.

The good folks from Grace-Saint Luke's School sponsored this show, and set up a cool craft table for the kids, including big murals and face painting. Check out their awesome summer camp options here.

BIG thanks again to the awesome folks at Central BBQ-- the rockers and rompers were a happier group because of their delicious 'cue. Also thanks to Whole Foods, who keeps us supplied with healthy snacks for the kids.

Thanks a bunch to Rhodes for having us, and especially thanks to the Rhodes security guards.  I don't have photographic evidence of it, but those guys generously provided fun bathroom runs on golf carts to kids and parents alike.  (Speaking of Rhodes, they're also hosting our first annual Rock-n-Romp Camp in July.  We've just opened up 5 more spots, so move quickly, rompers!  Click the link for the application.)

Can I just take a sec to immodestly toot the RnR horn?  All that stuff I described above-- three bands, the photo booth, the barbecue, the healthy snacks, the arts and crafts, and of course the BEER?  It's all included in the $5 donation you give when you show up.  No extra costs for any of that.  A bargain, right? It's all thanks to our awesome sponsors and other folks who contribute to RnR throughout the year, the cool bands who come entertain us, and most of all, YOU folks who show up regularly.

Check out the full slideshow of pics by Rock-n-Romp photographer Chip Chockley by clicking here. And feel free to add your own pics to our Flickr pool here.

We've learned our lesson in the past, and are taking off the hottest months this year. Next show will be August 28th at Minglewood Hall. Seeya then!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May 21st Rock-n-Romp

Join us on May 21st from 3-6pm for an afternoon of rocking and romping. We'll have The City Champs, Candy Company (with Billie Worley), and Lila Hood.

Please enter the campus through the third gate near the gym parking lot on University. The guard will instruct you to drive around to the parking lot near Burrow and Buckman Hall. From there it is a short walk to Fisher Garden where we'll be set up.

As always we will have Central BBQ, snacks from Whole Foods and beer for the adults. Please bring a blanket, a chair, and a SNACK to SHARE.

Rhodes has plenty of shade and grass for the kids to run around on. Air-conditioned restrooms are available in Buckman Hall.

Grace-St. Luke's & Grace-St. Luke's Parents Day Out will be spearheading a kids' craft, Jamie Harmon is bringing his Amurica photo booth, and the Hooper Troopers will be in attendance with lots of hoops for everyone.

Everything is FREE with the $5 donation requested of adults only. Adults must be accompanied by children.

We look forward to seeing you!