Monday, August 23, 2010

August 21st Show Recap

It was another scorcher on Saturday for our show at the Levitt Shell.  We still had over 500 folks come out, which was awesome.  Thanks for the dedication, Rockers and Rompers!  It was amusing to see how much of the crowd congregated around the bits of shade on either side.

The past several shows we've included teen band.  The Doorknobs kicked this show off with a bang:

These guys were very talented, and brought a nice contingent of supporters to the show.

Next up was Speakerboxx.  Rock-n-Romp was rocked in a way it has never been rocked before.
Speakerboxx's frontman, Corey Sanders, left it all out on the stage.  Literally.  Dude totally collapsed in the back as soon as he walked off the stage.  Dedication.  I spent the next several minutes trying to find my face because it had been rocked off by their fierce mix of energetic rap and rock. Corey did this:

And everybody did this:

The next band, the Parkington Sisters from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, were lovely in every way. Their haunting mix of sophisticated folk, enchanting vocal harmonies, and gorgeous strings put a spell over us all.

Even though it was crazy hot, the kids managed to stay cool with all sorts of sprinklers and water slides:
A big thanks to the Levitt Shell for having us again. Also thanks to the Memphis Grizzlies for bringing their big inflatable slide, and to this show's special sponsor, the Memphis Music Foundation.  Check the MMF out-- they do great things for music in this city.  Thanks again to this season's other sponsors, Whole Foods and Central BBQ.  Also thanks again to our wonderful volunteers, who make life bearable for the RnR Board, and who make the shows run that much more smoothly.  Pshew, I'm all thanked out.

Oops, no I'm not.  Most of all, thanks to YOU folks for coming out.  We're always flattered by the support we get.  See you guys in September 25th for a cooooooooooler show at the Mid-South Maze!

Check out the full slideshow of pics from this show here.  Feel free to add your pics to our Flickr pool here.  And if you see a pic of your beautiful child or your rockin' band and would like a print, drop me a line, or check out my photography website here.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 21st Rock-n-Romp at the Levitt Shell

A special thanks to all of our sponsors! We'll have sprinklers and a water slide for everyone to cool off, free beer and Central BBQ. Bring a blanket and a snack to share. $5 suggested donation for adults; kids free.