Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Introducing Memphis Rock-n-Romp

Originally the brainchild of Debbie Lee, Rock-n-Romp is a backyard party consisting of local bands and musicians playing cool music (not necessarily "kids' music") for cool parents and their kids! It’s all about exposing kids to live music (that doesn’t suck) in a kid-friendly way. The shows are during the day, low-volume, and there’s beer! RnR has been a popular Washington, DC-area Summer music series for four years running. Now, with Debbie's blessing, we're bringing Rock-n-Romp to Memphis.

Who are we? Stacey Greenberg, Robby Grant, Dan Harper (pictured here in 1976), Wendy Trenthem, Chip Chockley, Shiloh Barnat, and Mike & Kelli Smith.

The Memphis Rock-n-Romp shows will be in different backyards throughout Midtown. Each adult is asked to make a $5 donation at the door and bring a blanket, chairs, and/or snacks for the kids.

The first Rock-n-Romp is scheduled for Saturday, April 1st from 2:00pm to 5:00pm and is by invitation only. (This isn't because we are snobby, we just want to keep our first show small so we can work out the kinks. Also keep in mind, Rock-n-Romp is held in someone's backyard.)

The line up is:
Amy Lavere
Noise Choir
DJ Colin Butler

We plan to have at least two more shows between now and October. If you are a parent who would be interested in attending the next Memphis Rock-n-Romp or if you are in a band and are interested in playing, please leave a comment and I will contact you with more information.

Monday, March 06, 2006

FAQs for Parents

How do I get on the list?
Add your name to our Mail Chimp form to the left. You will receive an email with the Rock-n-Romp location a few weeks prior to each show. You can also become a fan on Facebook or subscribe to this blog.

Can I bring my newborn? My toddler? My pre-schooler? My tween? My teenager?
The shows are really designed for kids of all ages, although RnR is not an "all-ages" show. If you think your kids would enjoy this type of event, then by all means bring them! We do recommend bringing earplugs for our littlest rompers.

I don't have kids, but really want to come to a show. Can I?
You MUST be accompanied by a child to attend RnR. If you do not have kids of your own and want to attend, find a niece or a nephew to bring or offer to babysit for a good friend or neighbor. Or sign up to be a volunteer! We always need help. Email memphisrocknromp@gmail.com.

Where/When are the shows held?
Shows are held in different venues throughout the city on Saturday afternoons starting at 2-3pm (and generally running until around 5-6pm). Specific locations and times will be announced prior to each event.

What if it rains?
We will make every effort to go on with the show, rain or shine. We will email and post our back up plans on the blog and Facebook page prior to each show.

Who are you?
Rock-n-Romp was started by a cool mama in DC named Debbie Lee. Memphis Rock-n-Romp was originally brought to you by Kelli & Mike Smith, Chip Chockley, Dan Harper, Wendy Trenthem, Stacey Greenberg, Robby Grant, and Shiloh Barnat.

2011 board members include Stacey Greenberg, Chip Chockley, Marvin Stockwell, Kate & Corey Crowder, Caleb Sweazy, Launa Morris, and Aimee Lewis.

In 2012, we added Jeff Hulett, and Graham & Bianca Burks to the board.

What do parents need to know before attending a show with their kid(s)?
*Parents are expected to be present and to watch their children at all times.
*RnR is not responsible for any injuries sustained by a parent or child while on the premises; you play at your own risk.
*RnR cannot be held responsible for loss of/damage to any personal property while on the premises.
*Parents and children are expected to be kind to, and respectful of, all others present. It is also expected that everyone pick up after themselves, deposit trash in trash cans, and generally be good guests.
*Both parents and children should leave all potentially dangerous or hazardous items at home.
*Parents are asked to bring a blanket, chairs, and/or snacks for their kids. (You may also bring healthy snacks to share with everyone!)
*Central BBQ and Whole Foods will provide snacks free of charge.
*Smoking is not allowed in the immediate RnR space.
*Beer is free to adults of age. We ask that you drink responsibly. RnR reserves the right to "cut you off," call the cops, and/or never invite you to a RnR again if you fail to do so.
*A $5 donation per adult is requested, but not required. The $5 helps cover the cost of sound equipment, bands, insurance, etc. It is not to cover beer or food. We ask that you donate whether you plan to eat or drink.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Leave a comment or email memphisrocknromp@gmail.com and we will happily respond.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

FAQs for Bands

My band doesn't do kids' music. Can we still play?
YES! RnR isn't about kids' music; it's about exposing kids to good music in a kid-friendly environment. Musically speaking, RnR is more for the parents than it is for the kids, so we want bands that play grown up music, but at kid-friendly levels. We do ask that you keep the lyrics somewhat clean so that children do not go home and sing, "Don't get loud with me Bitch" when told to go to bed.

What kind of music/bands are you looking for?
We are interested in all styles of music and we are especially interested in bands composed of one or more parents. We only book bands that play original songs, however.

Do you pay bands to play?
Yes! RnR is non-profit, and any donations collected go directly toward paying our excellent musicians, materials/refreshments and other items purchased specifically for the purposes of putting on these shows. Bands are also welcome to sell merch before, during, and after their set.

Why should we play RnR?
RnR provides an opportunity to share your music with cool parents who don't get to go out to clubs very often and kids who think purple dinosaurs sing pretty good. Band members are encouraged to sell merchandise and invite their friends with kids to enjoy the show.

How long are sets?
Sets will range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of bands playing.

Do we have to bring our own equipment?
Maybe, maybe not. The RnR committee can provide some equipment and will work with the individual bands to make sure all of their needs are covered. Bands may be asked to share equipment.

Who do we contact?
Stacey Greenberg: stacey at fertilegroundzine dot com.