Friday, November 20, 2009

Dec. 5th Show!

Thanks to the Center City Commission for hooking us up with a great indoor spot right on the parade route. Park at Central Station, check out the special holiday edition of the Memphis Farmer's Market, then join us for an afternoon of awesome music! The parade will come by just as we're finishing up. $5 adults/kids free.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 7th Recap

If we had bribed Mother Nature for specific weather conditions for this past Saturday's Rock-n-Romp, it wouldn't have been as perfect as what we had.  We again imposed upon the nice folks at the National Ornamental Metal Museum, which has become one of our favorite spots to rock.

First up was Sector Zero.  They woke everyone up with some raucous rocking.

Chick rock band extraordinaire The Hot Pink Paper Clips brought a nice following with them.  They continued our string of having a talented-teen band play a set at Romps.  These girls were clearly talented.  Much better than the crap that I used to play when I was that age...

Next up we had MouseRocket, featuring past board member, Robby Grant, and current board member, Alicja Trout. Our own Kate Crowder even joined in for a song. And it was cool to see Jonathan Kirkscey on the cello.

Isn't Robby Grant a badass?

In addition to the general running around and milk slurping, the kids kept themselves very busy hoola hooping, sit-n-spinning, dancing, and drawing with chalk. However, I think it was quite clear that the kids who convinced their parents to let them slide down the mounds out front had the best time listening to the music.

Our special guests, The Beale Street Flippers, came on for a brief, mind blowing interlude. I know at least a handful of kids who are going to take their gymnastics lessons more seriously now.

Our main problem on Saturday was trying to squeeze in too much awesome-ness. Star and Micey didn't start til almost 5pm and we had some hungry and tired kids who needed to get home. However, those who got to stay were sure glad they did.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the RnR a blast. We hope to see you all on December 5th downtown on Main Street. More details coming soon!
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