Monday, April 30, 2007

April 28th Recap

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The second season of Memphis Rock-n-Romp got off to a great start thanks to Vending Machine. (Fronted by Rock-n-Romp co-founder, Robby Grant).

Kelly Anderson, who is bringing the Southern Girls Rock-n-Roll Camp to Memphis this Summer, was on hand to sign up girls ages 10-18.

Kate Crowder, our April Rock-n-Romp host, is not only the lead singer of Two Way Radio, but a teacher and kid craft genius. She set up a station for all the rompers to make safari shakers to play along with the bands.

As always the banging wall was set up for rompers to bang at will.

Rompers could also be seen driving through the yard on one of many toy cars. (Oliver Crowder, our youngest host, wins the RnR Sharing Award for so freely giving of his toys.)

Plenty of tattoos were also available to keep the kids happy.

There were lots of new faces.

DJ Colin Butler rocked the yard for awhile with his eclectic mix of music and then the River City Tanlines took the stage. Having never had the chance to see them live, I was thrilled.

I was happy to see that some people took our "bring earplugs" advice seriously. However, some people found the hard rock to be quite soothing. When the music was over, there was plenty of time for the kids to play rock star while the parents chatted and finished off the keg of Abita.

Hope to see you at our next show June 9th featuring The Warble and Giant Bear!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 28th Show

DJ Colin Butler - (2-5pm when bands aren't playing)
Vending Machine - 230pm
River City Tanlines - 4pm

To get on the guest list, email You will be sent an evite with the address for the show.