Friday, June 14, 2013

5/20/13 Rhodes College Show Recap

We love having Rock-n-Romp at Rhodes College. They are very gracious hosts and on Sunday they gave us the run of Oak Alley and Buckman Hall. In addition to the really fantastic, we had fantastic weather. All we needed was a TV! The Grizz were in the playoffs and well, we decided to accommodate our fans so that no one would have to make the decision between Rock-n-Romp and the Grizz! Carly from the Grizzlies even came out and helped us cheer on the team.

Turns out the game was sort of a bust, which was a bummer for Grizz Nation, but a bonus for us. We had some music to enjoy! Nancy Apple got us started with her brand of folk/twang rocking. She also wins the award for getting the most people to dance at a show ever!

Everyone was all smiles.

Next up was Reemus Bodeemus-- some faces in that band that are probably familiar to Rompers. Rootsy rocking tunes happening from these guys.

Vanishing Islands closed out the afternoon with an awesome set of quirky progressive tunes. Lots of interesting sounds coming from these guys-- we really loved it.

In addition to Memphis Sound Lab for donating the use of their awesome trailer, we would also like to thank Crosstown Collaborative for being our show sponsor. They have big plans for Crosstown, so check them out! They also led a really fun "craft" where everyone chipped in to write a story.

And many of you may have noticed that in addition to the amazingly generous Central BBQ, we are also regularly serving Tom's Tiny Kitchen Pimento Cheese (which is damn good on a BBQ sammy!) and Yarnell's is providing ice cream sandwiches at every show as well. Thank you to our awesome sponsors!

Next up we have our third year of Rock-n-Romp camp. The camper showcase will be at the Young Avenue Deli on Sunday, June 9th from 4-7pm. Our regular concert series will resume Saturday, August 10th at Bridges.