Monday, March 21, 2011

April 9th Rock-n-Romp at Mud Island 2-5pm

We'll be in the grove by the concession stand and fountains on the south end of the Island. Put the kids in their bathing suits, bring your blankets and lawn chairs, a snack to share, and prepare yourselves for a great afternoon of music!

Brad Pounders will play first, followed by Kruxe and then Good Luck Darkstar will bring it home.

Parking on the north end of the Island is free (enter from Harbor Town). Give yourself 15-20 minutes to get to the south end. Feel free to use strollers, wagons, bikes, etc. to facilitate getting the little ones to the show.

If your kids want to play in the fountains, please keep an eye on them. There is no lifeguard on duty. We will have volunteers keeping an eye out, but parents are responsible for their children.

As always we will have free Central BBQ, snacks from Whole Foods, and beer for the adults. We ask that each adult donate $5. Kids are free.

Our new American Apparel t-shirts will be on sale for $15.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Pre-Season Fundraiser at Escape Alley Sundry

On Saturday we had our pre-season fundraiser at Escape Alley Sundry. Knowing that March can go either way--fake Spring or freezing cold--we were happy to be indoors. However, we had hoped to be able to take advantage of the outdoor areas if the weather was nice. (It wasn't.)

(photo by Stacey Greenberg)

The bad weather didn't stop many of the kids from hula hooping, running around and exploring the alley.

(These two photos by Allen Elliote.)

Inside, we had a really nice set up. Families actually got to get the "club" experience. (With some sit-n-spins thrown in.) We love you, Escape Alley! (They do plenty of family friendly shows year round, so check them out on Facebook!)


Nykkoa Morris, who many of you remember from her stint with the Hot Pink Paperclips, started us off. She played a dozen original songs, two of which were written in French! I think it's pretty clear that she's the most awesome fifteen-year-old in town.

Here's a clip of her singing Viva la Memphis, one of my favorites.

As Nykkoa got everyone warmed up, families continued piling in. We were so thrilled that the weather didn't stop people from coming out.

Central Barbeque is sponsoring us again this season, so we had lots of yummy Q for everyone to enjoy. (They also helped us get a couple of kegs of Ghost River beer for our fans to enjoy.)


We tested out our self-serve idea and it seemed to go over well.


Our second band was the Rind Stars. They were a lot of fun and really impressed everyone with their cool vocal harmonies and tight jams.


It did get a little loud inside, but the bands were really cool about adjusting the volume when necessary. It was also nice to see that some of our youngest fans come prepared to rock!


Our final band was Richard James and the Special Riders. Everybody loved their brand of infectious punk-rockabilly.


It was a really amazing afternoon of music and fun. We were so glad to kickoff the season this way. Thank you to everyone who came out! And an extra big thank you to those who bought t-shirts and/or gave a little extra money. We really appreciate it!

We have plenty of shirts left--including pink ones for our rockin' girls--and a few tank tops for our rockin' moms. Get yours April 9th at Mud Island.


Speaking of our next show, mark your calendars for our entire 2011 season! Please note that times vary and we have one Sunday show!

April 9 at Mud Island 2-5pm

May 21 at Rhodes College (Fisher Gardens) 3-6pm

August 28 (SUNDAY) at Minglewood Hall 2-5pm

September 24 at Bridges 3-6pm

November 5 at Levitt Shell 2-5pm

December 3 at the old Jay Etkin Gallery on S. Main 2-5pm

Posters will be posted here for each show, we will send an email to everyone on our Mail Chimp over there, and we will create events on Facebook. Stay with us!

And for those of you looking for something fun this summer, we'll be putting together the first ever Rock-n-Romp Camp at Rhodes College, July 18-22. It's for kids in K-5. Stay tuned for details!

Photos in this post by official Rock-n-Romp photographer, Chip Chockley, except where indicated. See the full set here. And add yours to our Flickr pool.