Monday, April 03, 2006

April 1st RnR Recap

It was 75 degrees outside and sunny. A keg of Sierra Nevada was surrounded by ice. Sixty parents mingled, danced, and spread blankets on the grass. Sixty or more kids in face paint and multiple tattoos ran through the yard with various musical instruments. They rocked. They romped. There wasn't a cooler place to be on April 1st.

The first ever Memphis Rock-n-Romp was amazing. I'm still kind of in shock that we pulled it off without a hitch. (Okay, the police did show up--but for just a tiny second. And really, they couldn't have been nicer.)

I want to give Debbie Lee huge props for coming up with this concept and for letting us copy her!! Also I want to thank Robby Grant, Dan Harper, Mike & Kelli Smith, Chip Chockley, Wendy Trenthem, Shiloh Barnat, Colin Butler, Amy Lavere (& the Tramps), and Noise Choir for making RnR better than I ever imagined!

For those of you who came, tell us what you thought so that we can make the next RnR even better. For those of you who didn't, email us at to get on our mailing list. The next Rock-n-Romp is scheduled for June 17th.

Here's a peek at the event:

Shiloh, who is an absolute genius, brought face paint, tattoos, and bubbles for the kids. Every time I saw Dan's son, Gus, he had more face paint on. And every kid there had at least one tattoo.

Amy Lavere, actually Amy & the Tramps, played first. She started off by calling all the kids up to the front and asking them to moo so she could sing her song about a cow. She was really awesome and got the event off to a great start.

Noise Choir put out a mic for the kids to come up and play with them. I really enjoyed watching the faces that the lead guitarist made.

When the show was over, Theo and Satchel played the drums.

Here's the rest of the photos, so you can see for yourself what a great time we had!

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