Sunday, November 07, 2010

November 6th Recap

It was a chilly, but beautiful day at the Metal Museum.  The chill didn't seem to keep you guys, our loyal legion, from coming out for a really fun show.  The beautiful grounds of the Metal Museum always make for a fun and interesting place to romp.

First up was the indie guitar rock of Perfect Vessels.  (I'm doing a bad job describing here-- you could describe 80% of our bands as "indie guitar rock"-- but these guys had a unique and interesting sound.)  The Burks brothers and David Bell laid down a really appealing brand of post-psychedelic punk-pop.

Next up was Bake Sale.  These ladies brought a fun brand of contemplative garage rock which really went over well with our crowd.

Finally, and I really mean finally, we got Goner Records' Harlan T. Bobo to play his solo stuff at a RnR.  You guys might remember him from the awesome Luv Clowns performance a couple years ago, but he finally got around to bringing his critically acclaimed off-center pop to the RnR stage.  (Come see us in December for a Luv Clowns encore.)  The guy is a genius, and definitely one of Memphis's treasures.

The kids had fun running around the grounds (but NOT climbing on the sculptures), and the big hill across the street was a big hit.

So was our hairstyling station:

Thanks a lot to the Metal Museum for hosting us again.  And thanks a ton to our volunteers-- the RnR Board greatly appreciates your help in making the show run smoothly.  Thanks as always to our sponsors, Whole Foods and Central BBQ, for providing us with snacks, barbecue, and cups. Please support these two businesses, because they obviously really support us.  And thanks to all you loyal RnR'ers-- and all the new faces too-- for coming out to the show.

Check out the full slideshow of pics from this show here.  Feel free to add your pics to our Flickr pool here.  And if you see a pic of your beautiful child or your rockin' band and would like a print, drop me a line, or check out my photography website here. 

Seeya guys at the next show (indoors!) at the old Jay Etkin Gallery space on South Main December 4th , which will be immediately followed by the Downtown Christmas Parade going by the front door!  We'll put the lineup up here and on Facebook soon.

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