Sunday, March 05, 2006

FAQs for Bands

My band doesn't do kids' music. Can we still play?
YES! RnR isn't about kids' music; it's about exposing kids to good music in a kid-friendly environment. Musically speaking, RnR is more for the parents than it is for the kids, so we want bands that play grown up music, but at kid-friendly levels. We do ask that you keep the lyrics somewhat clean so that children do not go home and sing, "Don't get loud with me Bitch" when told to go to bed.

What kind of music/bands are you looking for?
We are interested in all styles of music and we are especially interested in bands composed of one or more parents. We only book bands that play original songs, however.

Do you pay bands to play?
Yes! RnR is non-profit, and any donations collected go directly toward paying our excellent musicians, materials/refreshments and other items purchased specifically for the purposes of putting on these shows. Bands are also welcome to sell merch before, during, and after their set.

Why should we play RnR?
RnR provides an opportunity to share your music with cool parents who don't get to go out to clubs very often and kids who think purple dinosaurs sing pretty good. Band members are encouraged to sell merchandise and invite their friends with kids to enjoy the show.

How long are sets?
Sets will range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of bands playing.

Do we have to bring our own equipment?
Maybe, maybe not. The RnR committee can provide some equipment and will work with the individual bands to make sure all of their needs are covered. Bands may be asked to share equipment.

Who do we contact?
Stacey Greenberg: stacey at fertilegroundzine dot com.

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