Monday, December 10, 2012

December 8th Recap

On Saturday, we took over Bridges in beautiful downtown Memphis for our last show of the season.


Obviously, one of the main draws was the amazing climbing wall. It is extremely challenging and super fun for all ages.


There was a steady stream of people going up and down the wall all afternoon.


We were also super excited to have the Bluff City Brewers and Connoisseurs in the mix. Their members brewed nine different beers for us to try. Very cool to have some high-quality homebrew to try. They were all delicious!


Don't worry, we made sure no one climbed the wall after partaking in the beer.

First act up was Chad Nixon. Lots of you folks may have heard Chad sing solo acoustic, but this was with a band. Chad has a great voice, and his music sits really well in a band context.


The kids loved least this guy did!


And it appeared the music was also appealing to the soon-to-be-born!


We had tons of great food at the show thanks to Central BBQ, Whole Foods, the Trolley Stop Market, and Tom's Tiny Kitchen. Don't be surprised to see BBQ and pimento cheese popping up on local menus. It's delicious. (Sorry, cole slaw, but your days are numbered!)


Our second band was super buzzed about Dead Soldiers, who apparently started off as a punk band. Now they broadcast a catchy brand of roots rock fury...


This was musical chameleon Paul Taylor's second showing at Rock-n-Romp this year.


Oh, and those of you looking for the perfect gift for new headphones seem to be all of the rage.


Our final musician was Kris Acklen, who wowed everyone with smooth and intelligent pop. Good pipes on this guy too.


All in all it was a great afternoon of music and good times. We want to give Bridges a hearty thanks for not only having us, but taking such good care of us.

To view the full set of photos by Chip Chockley, click here. To add yours to the Flickr pool, click here.

Thanks to everybody for making this season our best yet! Mark your calendars for our first show of 2013. We'll be at Mud Island April 13th from 2-5pm!

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