Monday, November 05, 2012

November 3rd Recap

On Saturday, we rocked for the first time in Overton Park. No, not the Shell, the park proper. It was awesome! A big thanks to the Overton Park Conservancy for inviting us, and even sprucing up the restrooms just in time! We definitely want to add this spot as a regular venue.


The kids loved having room to roam. There was lots of ball throwing, a full blown kickball game, lots of playground fun, and relaxing by the lake.


I absolutely don't think we could have asked for better weather. It started off beautiful and sunny, then got just a little cooler with some cloud cover, and finally waited to start raining the minute we were done. Honestly, it's probably good it started raining, otherwise we may have never left!

Per usual, we had delicious 'cue from Central BBQ, snacks from Whole Foods, and as a special treat, pizza from the Trolley Stop Market. And let's not forget the free beer!


First up, we had Allied Standard. Loved the sound of these guys-- cool harmonies, and easy to be entranced by their songs.


Then all the way from Nashville, The Nobility. Also very cool harmonies, and really intricate power-pop creations. Lots of Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles influence, but also fresh-sounding. Great stuff.


I should pause to point out that we love our stage! It's from Memphis Sound Lab, and is perfect for outdoor venues with no stage.

The Nobility had one super fan, who couldn't stop dancing. I could have watched her all day. She had serious moves!


Last up was Kitchens & Bathrooms. These guys are vets of the Memphis music scene, and have been spreading their brand of darkly violent death-metal since the 90s. Kidding! Smooth but energetic power-pop.


Saturday really couldn't have been better. Look, it was a total lovefest.




Thanks as always to our sponsors, and also to our volunteers. Without all those folks, RnR wouldn't happen. Check out a full slideshow of photographer Chip Chockley's photos from the day here.

See everyone at the last show of the 2012 season, at Bridges, December 8th!

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