Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain or Shine!

This Saturday's weather forecast doesn't look so hot.  (Right now, at least.  Things could change.)  Don't let that stop you from coming out for our show, though-- we have a nice indoor backup space at the Dixon in case it's really rainy.  This show has a really cool lineup, so don't let Mother Nature discourage you from catching it!

Also, to answer a question we've gotten lately-- yes, you must have a kid with you to attend.  (It doesn't necessarily have to be your kid, though-- grab your neighbor's kids and come on down!)  It's been our rule from day one, and it's one of the main things that allows us to describe our events as "live music in a kid-friendly environment."  No offense to anyone, but there are plenty of places to see great live music in Memphis without kids.  Kids are what makes our thing special.

Seeya Saturday!

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