Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sept. 27th Recap

I'm still a bit stunned by how perfectly the show went on Saturday. We had incredible weather, the best backyard in town, three amazing bands, and a huge turnout of rockin' parents and rompin' kids.

Two Way Radio, eight members strong, kicked off the show:

Garrison Starr who drove all the way from Nashville just for us played second. (These photos were taken prior to 30 kids rushing the stage to "help" her play a few songs!)

The Bluff City Backsliders finished the show. Mike Graber, who you probably know from Facebook, came up from Oxford to play.

We really appreciate everyone who made Saturday such a wonderful day. If you took pictures, please add them to our Flickr pool.

Mark your calendars for the last show of the season, November 1st! Bands and location to be announced soon.


Anonymous said...

I attended on the 27th with my three kids. We were so excited about our first Rock-n-Romp! When we arrived Garrison Starr was playing. My kids ran past the soft spoken musician, straight to the playground. We stayed for two hours and not once were my kids engaged in the music. This was very disappointing to me since the discussion in my car on the way over was all about this "concert for kids” called Rock-n-Romp. I hope that next time there will be more of a focus on the kids.

Stacey Greenberg said...

hey anon, thanks for the feedback. rock-n-romp isn't exactly a kids' concert. it is a kid-friendly concert, meaning the music is played at kid-friendly levels in a kid-friendly environment. some musicians interact with the kids more than others. kids can often be found dancing along and playing with instruments. sometimes they even sing backup! it just depends. as a parent, if you want your kids to focus more on the music than the playground, then encourage them to sit with you and talk to them about the music, etc.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I also attended the show on the 27th with my daughter and husband and it was everything i thought it would be and more. awesome and my family loved it. i think you're right, stacey, it's all about setting the right expectations and knowing what your family enjoys. Thanks for everything and we'll be back in November!