Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Introducing Memphis Rock-n-Romp

Originally the brainchild of Debbie Lee, Rock-n-Romp is a backyard party consisting of local bands and musicians playing cool music (not necessarily "kids' music") for cool parents and their kids! It’s all about exposing kids to live music (that doesn’t suck) in a kid-friendly way. The shows are during the day, low-volume, and there’s beer! RnR has been a popular Washington, DC-area Summer music series for four years running. Now, with Debbie's blessing, we're bringing Rock-n-Romp to Memphis.

Who are we? Stacey Greenberg, Robby Grant, Dan Harper (pictured here in 1976), Wendy Trenthem, Chip Chockley, Shiloh Barnat, and Mike & Kelli Smith.

The Memphis Rock-n-Romp shows will be in different backyards throughout Midtown. Each adult is asked to make a $5 donation at the door and bring a blanket, chairs, and/or snacks for the kids.

The first Rock-n-Romp is scheduled for Saturday, April 1st from 2:00pm to 5:00pm and is by invitation only. (This isn't because we are snobby, we just want to keep our first show small so we can work out the kinks. Also keep in mind, Rock-n-Romp is held in someone's backyard.)

The line up is:
Amy Lavere
Noise Choir
DJ Colin Butler

We plan to have at least two more shows between now and October. If you are a parent who would be interested in attending the next Memphis Rock-n-Romp or if you are in a band and are interested in playing, please leave a comment and I will contact you with more information.

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Josh said...

Fantastic effort. We are looking so forward to this. Please continue to include us in emails. We will keep checking the blog. Thanks.